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Ambulant Team As – assistance to children and environmental therapeutic Services

Ambulant Team AS is best company that is provide assistance and assistance to children and healthcare system. We are able to offer environmental therapeutic work towards users. Our company is best and great for assistance to children. We are helping and motivate to children and we have long experience team, who guide to children with calm nature. Our target group is between 6 years – 25+ years, but of course we also help younger and older than our target group as needed. We consider it important to be flexible and able to offer a great variety, while providing good quality in our offer.

We have Daily Leader and Professional Leader, which is best in their filed and frankly with children.  Daily Leader has many years of experience in tailoring solutions for people with complex feeds and working with children and adults with behavioural behaviours. Professional Leader has Primary education Child welfare teacher. Who has long Experience from professional responsibility in institutions. Further education in Traumatology, mental stress and crisis management. Our company is reputed in Norway just because of our services. We lived together with children as a family. Recently we launched our website “Ambulant Team AS”, which is hosted by France Server Hosting Company, those who provide Best France Dedicated Server Hosting and France VPS Server Hosting. Ambulant Team AS perform assistance to children and healthcare system with environmental therapeutic. We have a large network that will be one of the country’s bests to handle both acute situations, as well as tailor-made follow-up, care and treatment for children and young people who today fall between all the trusts in the treatment and help system.

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