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Ambulant Team As is the top company which provide assistance and assistance to children and healthcare system. we have capacity to offer environmental therapeutic work towards clients. Our speciality is to tailor the service to the individual’s needs. Primarily, our target group is between 6 years – 25+ years, obviously we additionally enable more youthful and older than our target group as required. our services are very flexible. We can offer long-term follow-up in all matters. We have skilled partners so we can offer a comprehensive service. The service includes both private, corporate and public offerings.

We are helping and motivate to children through our professional team in Norway. Everyone has the right to equal care and treatment, but must be treated as an individual. We help to strengthen the parents’ careers expertise through support and counselling. we also give advise and guidance to clients. Our company has great impact than other healthcare centres. So we lunch online treatment service through host website “Ambulant Team As” which is hosted by Onlive Server that gives VPS Server Hosting and Best Dedicated Hosting Server plans at very cheap cost in Norway.

Our goal is always satisfied customers. Our well-qualified personnel will do their utmost to provide you with a comfortable treatment. We are always up to date in the industry and you can rest assured that you get the best treatment with us. If you are looking the best and cheap healthcare plans in Norway, Choose our company “Ambulant Team As” which fulfils you requirement. Here you can various offers for all services in Norway. You can also book or take our services according to your needs

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